How do I get telephone support for COBRA and alternate coverage?

If the health plan administrator is not responsive to questions or concerns about COBRA call the U.S. Department of Labor toll free number at 1-866-444-3272.

The DOL Web site can provide even more information at

There is no pre-enrollment telephone support for COBRA alternative plans due to the diversity of coverage. OnineAdviser at provides limited free e-mail support for questions about COBRA alternatives. The e-mail address is Before writing, check the published Knowledge Base of Q&As at

Once enrolled, telephone support for COBRA plans and COBRA alternatives is provided directly by the health plan through the telephone number listed on your ID card.

revised 1/8/11

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COBRA continuation coverage may provide temporary protection when changing jobs, going through a divorce or negotiating other life transitions. Choosing the right health insurance is crucial to protect your health and financial security.